Dan Prall


Growing up in the hills of Vermont, my musical influences were spread across many genres; from classic rock, to bluegrass, to jam band, and beyond. Attending a Bruce Springsteen concert as a baby, music has been a part of my life from before I can remember. My parents took pride in the enrichment of the soul via music, as demonstrated in their stacks of cassette tape cabinets through which I would constantly rummage for something new and exciting. I was also fortunate to be in a school system that took music seriously; introducing the recorder program in third grade, and the school band in fourth. Clarinet was my first instrument of choice, but, in fifth grade my parents opened my eyes to the piano via lessons at school. Guitar was my passion in high school as I entered the garage band world, but switched to back to piano in college in my first sustainable band, and never looked back. I strive to continually evolve and progress within the musical world, from both a skill and an appreciation perspective. I enjoy stretching my fingers to new lengths by playing multiple styles, and I look forward to a healthy future of enriching my soul.


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