Micah Robbins

Bass, Vocals

The product of a musical prodigy father and an artist mother in the Queen City of Bangor Maine, I have been no stranger to the stage, of one kind or another, my whole life. While most five-year-olds were singing their ABC’s, I was introduced to diminished 9th harmonies from The Association, the musical journey of the Beatles, and full access to one insanely huge Motown record collection. Musical theatre and a professional acting career followed (not to mention all-state chops as a goalie and a lifelong love of hockey). After flirtations with other instruments besides voice, including a whirl with my Father’s beloved trumpets, I was drawn to the bass in high school, because frankly, there were way too many guitarists. As it turned out, it was a natural fit, and I began a run of playing with multiple bands across many genres, from folk-rock, to punk, to classic rock, jam bands, jazz and even 48 hours in what loosely can be described as a “Country-western experiment”. Despite embarking on a successful career in the non-profit sector after college, music was always part of the picture until a major move to Florida in 2010. The bass stood a lonely vigil in my room for four years, until a fortuitous meeting with Pete Larmon, and his invitation to sit in with him and Jon Greco. My chops were a little rusty, and I was mostly grooving to my own beat, but, at least 60% of the notes were close and there was a true connection to the soulful and roots-y music than Jon was creating with Pete. It was the right fit, and the right time, to bring such a big piece of my creative life back into the light. All things considered, life is good and full for this bass player from Maine.


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