Pete Larmon


Born and raised in the suburbs of the great music city of Chicago. My mother claims I was pounding in time to music in my high-chair…..frankly I don’t recall, but I’ll take her word for it. Artists like The Beach Boys and Chicago were common-place in my home. I received a Ludwig snare drum at the age of 5 and did my first solo performance as “The Little Drummer Boy” in 2nd grade. I began formal lessons in both drum/percussion and piano in 5th grade and continued these well into high school. In addition, I proceeded to play in every avenue available, from orchestra and marching band to pep and concert band. In the years since high school, I have played in and formed numerous bands, including Humpback Wail, an original band that had some moderate success playing most of the clubs in Chicago and opening for some well-known national acts. I came to Florida in 2007, met Jon, and we began playing together acoustically. I liked his style of writing from the start and always felt he had a gift. Around the same time I also became involved with forming a gigging alternative rock cover band and then another in 2011, but stepped away from that in the summer of 2013. At that time Jon and I re-connected. He had a wealth of new material to work on. With a mutual belief in what we had, we began what has become the “Borderline” project, and forming The Jon Greco Band. I am grateful to my God for the blessings I have been granted, and to my family for the encouragement and freedom to pursue my innate love of music…not every parent wants a “drummer” in the house.


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