About Jon Greco

Jon Greco is an American singer-songwriter whose personal struggles and triumphs are expressed through the songs he writes. These songs are an extension of his life and spirit. With roots in folk and rock…this is soulful, powerful music with a mainstream sensibility. The Jon Greco Band, a group of dedicated musicians with diverse backgrounds, bring these songs to life in energetic, feel-good, engaging performances.

Jon has been writing and making music since he was a teenager. He met Pete Larmon in 2007, and they began to collaborate and play together as an acoustic duo. As time went by, both became involved in different projects, but always stayed connected. In the summer of 2013 Pete had left the band he had formed, and Jon had a wealth of inspiration and new music he was dying to bring to life. They started to work together again, and both believed that people needed to hear this new material. And so began the search to find other musicians that would share their vision.

Several musicians came and went, but Jon and Pete stayed the course. Pete had met Micah Robbins, and in early 2014 suggested he grab his bass, and come to practice to hear what they were working on. Micah instantly agreed that this was something to believe in, and the three began to do area trio performances along with Dick Perkins, a local harmonica player.

Jon decided that recording this project was the next step. They began to collaborate with producer Mario Caroscio on the production of the album “Borderline”, but were still trying to find the “sound” they envisioned. Thinking keyboards could play an integral role, Dan Prall was introduced to the guys through a mutual friend. It was a lock from the get-go, as Dan seemed to understand exactly where they were headed. During the recording process several session musicians were utilized to capture the vision for the sound of this album, and ultimately, the band. The final piece needed for the “live sound” was lead guitar, and Dan suggested his friend Kevin Molloy might be a good fit. Well…he was, and The Jon Greco Band lineup, as they now perform, was complete.